Resources and Tools for Innovating Schools

Professional Culture in Schools

Successful and innovative schools are transformed by a professional learning community that is built on solid core values of trust, respect, and responsibility that also serve as the focus for school-wide norms for interaction and collaboration. They are supported by leadership that incorporates the principles of collaborative decision making. The unique professional culture of successful innovative schools allows the broad development of teacher leaders that facilitate the work in the schools. 

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Business and Community Partnerships and Engagement

Successful and innovative schools have well-implemented, goal-oriented programs and practices of business community involvement. They are built on specifically designed programs of study that engage business and industry professionals in the learning community to support teachers and students. Successful schools infuse enduring skills beyond the core curriculum needed for success in the 21st century.

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1 to 1 and Smart Use of Technology

Successful and innovative schools are supported by and enriched with technology providing personalized learning often including one device for each learner. They have all educational practitioners effectively using technology to improve their own personal productivity. Technology tools and software are thoughtfully acquired and implemented to meet the needs of the teaching and learning model. 

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Growing School Community 

Successful and innovative schools have well-implemented, goal-oriented programs and practices of family and community involvement. The school community conducts effective communications from school-to-home and from home-to-school about school programs and student progress. It involves families with their children on homework and other curriculum-related activities and decisions. Successful and innovative schools are an attractive place where students and families want to be.


Dr. Stanton Convocation Address to College of Education: On May 14, 2011 at the University of New Mexico, the address is about vision of 21st century schools and nex+Gen Academy, a New Tech Network partnership school in Albuquerque Public Schools.

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"Innovating Schools in New Mexico" A FREE Workshop Based on a Case Study: nex+Gen Academy, part of the New Tech Network 

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