About Dr. Michael Stanton

Education Leadership Devoted to  Innovation

Founding Principal, recently retired nex+Gen Academy High School -- Albuquerque Public Schools

Beginning in January 2008, I was Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of this magnet, school of choice high school, a member of The New Tech Network.  I worked with architectural design team to match form with the function of a school supporting 1:1 technology. We implemented project based learning wall-to-wall. Collaborative decision making within a professional learning community became the structure that has insured our success in providing students college and career ready and highly successful by a number of measurements.

The nex+Gen Academy Website

Teacher Leadership and National Experiences

I served as Director and Lead Teacher of a large comprehensive high school's career academies, small learning communities, and Carl Perkin's funded Career and Technical Education Programs. I later designed and implemented three new academies using the same model and funded by a Magnet School Implementation Grant. In addition, I coordinated School-to-Careers activities including job shadows, mentorship, mock interviews, and four year high school planning.

I presented for and partnered with: The Small Schools Workshop, ACTE, Magnet Schools of America, National Career Academy Consortium, New Tech Network, and Intel Visionary Conference. 



What are the transformative experiences of teachers with PLCs? Lambert Academic Publishing, 2009

What indicates fundamental change in teacher's habits of mind; fundamental ways of looking at areas important to school? Available Here

Raising Student Visibility and Expectations

National Dropout Prevention Center Newsletter, Vol 15, No. 4, Fall 2003.

Featured in Leadership Voices Blog http://www.k12blueprint.com

The Miller-Stanton Collaborative Problem Solving Model

An instructional design model for multiple professional learning communities within a school

I have devoted thirty years of my life to the field of education with experience in nearly all levels of K-12 education as classroom teacher, teacher leader, national consultant, grant manager, assistant principal, and principal. I have business management practice along with 25 years of recent experience in our community networking with business, government, and post secondary institutions to develop innovative and effective programs that support teaching and learning.


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