1 to 1: Smart use of Technology

Successful and innovative schools are supported by and enriched with technology providing personalized learning often including one device for each learner; have all educational practitioners effectively using technology to improve their own personal productivity; thoughtfully acquire and implement technology tools and software to meet the needs of the teaching and learning model. 

Tools and Best Practices

nex+Gen Academy, a school of choice for Albuquerque Public Schools and partner within the New Tech Network successfully implemented a program providing 1 device for each learner with outstanding results. 

You can read about the story of success in a series of Blogs starting HERE

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What the Research Says

In 2010, Project RED conducted the first large-scale national study to identify and prioritize the factors that make some U.S. K-12 technology implementations perform dramatically better than others. 

Go HERE for the Findings and full report access




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Video of 1 to 1 implementation at nex+Gen Academy Part 1

Video of 1 to 1 implementation Part 2